What is the difference between being alone and being lonely?


Excuse me, Is there someone across the table from you?

Today was hectic. I have spent the last two weeks making sure that my daughter was prepared for the start of school. I was also going through a really bad flare up with my fibromyalgia. Through this time all I could think about is the day that I could get some alone time.

Yes, ALONE time.

Me Time.

Time to myself.

What do you do when you are alone?

I chose to take myself to this cozy Indian restaurant and enjoy spending time with me. I received so many different glances from other customers in the restaurant. One young man walked by and asked me why I was eating alone. I explained to him that I was out alone to enjoy my own company.

See, I am comfortable being by myself. Being alone gives me the chance to think about my life and what is going on in the present moment. I am able to reflect on the experiences and decide what choices I need to take to move forward. I enjoy the time I spend by myself.

Being alone must be lonely.

Being alone doesn't mean that I am lonely. I am rarely lonely. My heart is full of great moments and experiences that I have created with the ones that I love. I spend time each day with my love. However, solitude is a glorious thing. It is at that moment that I can truly be free. I have the freedom to study myself and search for improvements and strengths.

Those that dislike solitude can never truly be free.

When I am alone my mind has the chance to be quiet and my spirit has the opportunity to speak to me. My greatest ideas come in those quiet moments. My spiritual energy is at full strength when I am alone, meditating. I allow my mind and spirit to have the opportunity to align with my intentions and create the life that I desire. 

While I really enjoy spending time alone, I do have the pleasure of the company of others. It is a requirement to spend just as much time with others as I do myself. I am able to find a healthy balance between my alone time and great company. This balance is special to me and it keeps me mentally healthy.

On this day, I cherish my alone time.  I unapologetically enjoy my own company.

How do you spend your alone time?

Let me know how much time do you spend alone in the comments.

How do you use your time in solitude?

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