How to release the guilt of living up to others standards

Are you truly living the life that you want? Or are you living the life that others desire for you?


There are so many great things in life that are enjoyable.

You can participate in activities, go on vacations, mingle with friends and laugh at jokes in a comedy bar. But all those things do not equate that you are happy.

  • Have you gone through life believing if you enjoy something it means that it fulfills your needs?

  • Have you stopped to think that you may be doing these things because it’s supposedly the norm?

“What makes you happy are the core desires that you need to bring you balance, happiness, and pleasure.”

These are the things that you would choose over everything else.

There are many people, like yourself, that have obtained great achievements and success in life. However, their innermost desires have not been met. I am one of those people. I have achieved so many things that most of my colleagues and family pray to experience in their lifetime. But I found myself in my 30’s wondering if there was more to life. What had really been achieved were the dreams and desires of my parents, family, friends, and the world.

I am so grateful and thankful for those moments and experiences. But, I also felt guilty for wanting to rewrite my present and future life experiences.

  • Will my family be disappointed?

  • What will my friends say about my new endeavors?

  • Am I making a mistake?

  • Should I just live the American Dream? Whatever that may be. 

I learned a valuable lesson during my personal journey. You can not live up to others’ standards for you. You matter how hard you try to achieve their level of success someone will think you need to do more. You can not hold on to the guilt of living others’ dreams for you.

For instance, it may be fun to hang at a comedy bar but there is no compromising when you expect physical touch or "me time".  The guy that you might be dating could do everything that makes you happy but if he's misses providing you one core need the relationship will not work. This same philosophy goes for your career, family, everyday decisions, your DREAMS.

Honestly ask yourself, when was the last time you thought about what makes you happy? If you have, did you act on it? Or did you just file it away in your brain and continue to live the same life that you have been living every day because everybody else says that is the right way. But what about you? Do you not deserve to be happy?

Of course, but you must make the decision to do the things that make you happy. You must make room for your happiness and be unapologetic about it.

What will you do today to create a life on your terms?

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