Five things any woman can do for motivation!!

I know you may have heard the saying "it is easier said than done".

It feels that way when you're already frustrated. But I am here to tell you that you have to motivate yourself. You must motivate yourself in a world that seems so selfish and impatient. The truth is that it is not bad to be selfish. You have to have a little selfishness to take care of yourself. You are the only person responsible for filling up your spiritual cup. Discover your love language and create rituals that will elevate your well being. I wanted to share with you a few ways to start the motivation train.

These are 5 things you can do everyday to motivate yourself.

1. Every morning hug yourself. Tell yourself that you are loved & appreciated.
2. Look at yourself in the mirror! Tell yourself how beautiful you are & point out your best features.
3.Write down your intentions every day. Create a plan to execute them. Intentions become reality if you put in the work.
4. Commend yourself at the end of the day. Say thank you for getting me through the day. I appreciate you. I'm grateful for you. I'm going to spoil you.
5. Create a nighttime ritual. It could be taking a bubble bath. Your skincare routine. Prayer. Journaling. Anything that promotes self-catering. This will boost your self confidence.

These are just five simple things you can start implementing now. It doesn't cost money. But it's more valuable than gold.

I encourage you to make a list of twenty (20) things that inspire and encourage you. Try to do at least one of those things daily.

Let me know in the comments what motivates you.