How to Achieve Your Goals Consistently in Just Five (5) Steps

Are you planning to crush your goals this year?

Are you in the same enthusiastic, optimistic, and excited energy this year as you were last year about crushing goals and setting New Year Resolutions?

Maybe you are determined to achieve the same goal now that you set last year. And the year before. And the year before. Still, haven’t achieved it?

Do Not Be Ashamed.

We have all set goals and life happens. Jobs demand overtime. Kids are in after school activities. Unexpected bills and responsibilities come up. That is what we call life my dear. Everything gets your attention but your goals.

You do not have to put your goals on the back burner anymore..

There are 5 steps you can start using today to crush your goals and achieve your dreams.

Step 1: Fully Understand Your Why?

Many times goals are not being achieved because we are creating goals according to what we saw someone else accomplish. It is perfectly alright to be inspired by someone. But do not subconsciously and literally build someone else dreams because they achieved something that caught your eyes. Your goals should be specific to your needs and want for your life.

Step 2: How Does It Fit Into Your Life?

Most people spend a lot of time thinking about what they want to accomplish but they do not factor in their current life status and resources. Nor factor in how this current goal plan will mesh with their future responsibilities. Assess your finances, health, mental/emotional wellness, spirituality and time management. If you have any instability or lack of resources in any of those areas they need to be addressed first. Be personally aligned before adding on the responsibilities of goal achievement. You do not have to be perfect but ready to work on what you desire.

Step 3: Write Your Big Goals And Create Mini-Goals

The lack of breaking down your bigger goals into manageable steps can activate the lack of motivation and momentum. Creating smaller goals from your bigger goals gives you the opportunity to achieve and measure your progress. Each time you achieve a smaller goal celebrate. During the journey, you will also recognize different strategies and resources that you may have not thought about or knew before. Yes, have a life blueprint but within that blueprint, you must have strategies and steps to your success.

Step 4: Who Is On Your Team

Contrary to what some believe, you can not and do not do things alone. You need someone for support, encouragement, and accountability. People are the resource blessers in your life. They can share opportunities, resources, connections to others, constructive criticism and wisdom, a listening ear, provider, etc. The list goes on and on. Think about the people in your life that can be a resource on your journey to achieving your goals. Assign them to the correct position and move forward.

Step 5: Are You Prepared For The Days Ahead

Are you prepared for the potential obstacles that may come during the goal achieving process? Do you have financial reserves for not so perfect days when bills increase or a source of income is lost? Do you have time to rest and take care of yourself if you get sick? Do you have assistants that can do things for you like take care of the house or run your business? These are just examples of what could potentially happen during your goal journey. Be prepared to bend and be flexible when these things come along. Give yourself grace when it does. We all deal with these types of obstacles. It does not mean you are a failure. It just means that life is happening. How do you react to circumstances that make the difference?

I hope this has helped you gain clarity on what you need to do to always crush your life goals.